Tater's Scooter
Tater's Scooter

Tater's Scooter, Dork Mobile


Principal Tater (Owner)
Ivy Young


As a mode of transport

First Appearance

"Mr. Brain"

Last Appearance

"Mr. First Impression Part 3"


In Use

Tater's Scooter is a minor item in the series, first appearing in Mr. Brain. It is owned by Principal Tater, though several other characters have used it as well.



The scooter's primary function is to be used as a form of transport, and is able to withstand two people on it at once, even with people as heavy as Slab. It's apparently quite easy to ride, as Tater rides it because he has no knowledge on how to drive as well as several unlicensed characters have used it. It is also quite durable, as despite the amount of damage it takes, it always breaks into separate parts that could be reattached through an adhesive like school glue. However, its not as fast as a car, which caused Tater to ditch the scooter and instead ride a cab during a chase.


The Scooter first appeared in Mr. Brain, where Tater shows it off by riding around the school using it. At the end of the episode, Ivy and Slab use their new authority as Hall Monitors to place Tater into the Detention Room as he parked the scooter at a no-scooter parking zone alongside having a broken -by Ivy- tail light. The duo later use it to escape while Tater gets beat up by everyone in the detention hall.

In Mr. Space Part 1, Tater attempts to chase the kids (Echo, Derby, Ivy and Slab) in an effort to prevent them from reaching Adam, who recently quit. When Tater's Scooter is unable to catch up to the car, Tater instead decides to take a ride in Ding's Taxi.

The Scooter played a major role in Mr. Scooter, where Tater attempts to use it only for it to break. As Tater reprimands the kids for the repeated damage, the gang explain their experiences on how they accidentally destroyed Tater's scooter in Tater's absence. The stories include Ivy destroying it when she was using it as a substitute for walking on her rare shoes, Adam accidentally destroying it after attempting to wash it with a powerful hose, Slab destroying the chained scooter in an attempt to take a pregnant Slab Jr. to the hospital, Echo accidentally causing Tater to crash the scooter during a chicken rescue scheme, and Derby somehow destroying the whole scooter when he only used the tyre's air to inflate his balloon. At the end of the episode, the scooter was revealed to have been fixed by Siobhan, Tater's scooter mechanic girlfriend he met in Ireland.

While not physically appearing, the scooter was mentioned by Mrs. Byrne in Mr. Pickles-In-Law masquerading as Tater, in which she shows the police officer Tater's scooter license as a form of identification.

The scooter was last seen in Mr. First Impression Part 3, where Tater and Siobhan rode it to Finnegan in the alternate timeline which was run over by elephants due to the events of the alternate Mr. Elephant.



  • This is one of the few items to have appeared in all 3 seasons of the series.
  • Tater got this scooter sometime before his duty as a Hall Monitor. He also got it because he lacks the proper knowledge on how to drive, as well as being unable to afford a car.
    • These traits could indicate the scooter as being more of a cheap-and-easy toy for Tater, supporting his childlike personality.
  • It would appear one would need a license to drive the scooter, though Ivy and Slab have both used it even though they are unlicensed.
    • The license can also be a substitute for a car license and vice versa , which is probably makes Ivy a legal driver as she owns a drivers license.
  • There seems to be a gang about riding scooters, as Tater was part of a gang called "Sons of Mommies".
  • Ironically, whenever two people sit on the scooter simultaneously, the men always sit on the main seat while the women sit on the side.
  • There is a reserved area for the scooter, in a similar way to how many schools reserve parking for the school administrator's vehicles. Additionally, the scooter was known as "Tater's Hog".
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