Rachel Young
Mr. Big Brother02
Full Name

Rachel Young




Student (Formerly)

Eye Color

White Blue

Hair Color



Adam Young (Son)
Ivy Young (Daughter)


George Tater (Boyfriend)

First Episode

Mr. Young

Portrayed By

Anna Galvin

Rachel Young is the mother of Adam and Ivy Young. She is also the the head of School Parent Council and opposed to the school's excessive funding of science in Mr. Matchmaker. She also rallied for Derby to become the district superintendent of schools because she doesn't believe in kid teachers in Mr. Candidate.


She was classmates with Tater once and was accused for putting glue in Tater's mascot costume which made him bald, and got suspended for it, although she was actually innocent. She was once a cheerleader at Finnegan High. It's unknown what happened to Adam and Ivy's father, as she is presently single. Adam and Echo once even fixed her up on a date with Tater, which went really well, although it was never mentioned again. Mostly she is unemployed or doesn't have a job, mostly Adam is the one supporting Ivy and her mother.

In "Mr. Kidd", while Ivy and Slab are making a presentation, when trying to find info about the book 1984 and found a movie apparantly based on it. However the movie actualy showed Rachel and Tater kissing and together, several years earlier hinting the posibility of the Principal actually being Adam and Ivy's father (as well the fact that both were suddenly losing hair). It is never confirmed if this is true, and if not who their real father is.


Her personality is very similiar to her daughter Ivy's, as she can be absentminded, oblivious, devious, gullible and cunning. But she is nice and has a conscience and remorse.  She often does things without even asking about it, such as selling Adam's Mr. Marvelous comic book. Sometimes, she even opposes Adam's views on science and education. Despite this, she's a reasonably capable and responsible parent. And loves her children, especially Adam. She is proud of Adam and very supportive and protective of him.


  • The only major character in the show to never perform cross-dressing.
  • She opposes Adam's educational career, yet supports it as well.
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