Professor Fenway is Adam's friend and eccentric college professor

Professor Fenway


Mr. Freshman

While talking Ivy to tour collage, Adam and Professor Fenway remet, and Fenway related the story of Adam's first day of Collage, and how he was worried about it at first too, as he didn't fit in with any of the other students. He continued to relate the story of how Adam tried regular school, but realised Collage was better for him, expecially after Adam accedentaly trapped Tater on the top of a giant beanstalk. He also kept interupting the story to try and add giants, but Adam kept stopping him. At the end of the story, he still hadn't conviced Ivy, but upon seeing the collage guys she agreed.

Mr. First Impression


Fenway tests the "Little Old Lady Swallowed a Fly" theory

Following his big demonstration of how he felt to Echo going up in smoke, Adam went to visit Professor Fenway planning to join him, as his teacher career wasn't working. The Professor was in the middle of testing out the old nursary rhyme "There was an old woman who swallowed a fly". Happy to see his friend, he admited he wished he made a pie, then gave Adam one, explaining he made a time machine, he showed it to Adam (along with the box he kept it in that looked like the TARDIS and his Car which looked like the Deloran). However he refused to let Adam from borrowing it. Adam and Derby managed to "Borrow" the time machine from him. Following many considerable changes to the time space continuum, and Adam depowering the time machine, he called Professor Fenway for help. Fenway reveled he was aware of the time machine's existence, despite it being before he made the machine, because he had already encountered another version of Adam, who had called him about the same problem. He revealed the only way to repower the time machine was with a bolt of lightning. Using this Adam managed to return to the present.


  • He seems to have an obsession with fairy tales (Jack and the Bean Stalk), and nursery rhymes (The Little Old Lady Who Swallowed a Fly)
  • He is played by actor/comedian Brian Stepanek
  • Up to date he is the only character who is more inteligent than Adam.
Fenway TimeMachine

Time Machine

Fenway car


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