Preston Pickles is one of the minor antagonists of the show. He is the central antagonist of the episode Mr. Pickles. He plays a role of a overreacting advertiser, who tries to sell stuff to people. He has funny gestures as well as a smile.


Preston Pickles first appears in Mr. Inventor, as a salesman attempting to sell Derby's accidental science experiment to fill out his lawsuit, but it turns out the experiment turned out to be a disaster as Derby never even learned how to make it, he just dumped random stuff in the project, and one of the ingredients was chlorophyll, which caused the hair to grow too long. He appears as the title character of the episode Mr. Pickles, now as the chief antagonist, seeking revenge against Derby, he takes a job, as Finigine Highs new woodshop teacher, as Derby has ruined his career now making a product called "the Derbinator 3000". Which he uses to try and kill Derby, Derby only survives, because Adam points out the Derbinator 3000 also functions as juice squeezer, blender, bread slicer and makes sandwiches aswell, as such he starts marketing it as the "Kitchenator 3000".

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