Mr. Young
Season 1, Episode 1
Production code 101
Orig. air date March 1, 2011 (CAN)
September 26, 2011 (USA)
Written by Dan Signer
Directed by Adam Weissman
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"Mr. Roboto"
"Mr. Young" is the first episode of Mr. Young overall, and the first episode of the first season.


The episode begins with Ivy driving herself and Adam to school. However, Ivy isn't really focusing on driving; rather, she is putting on makeup to impress Hutch Anderson, who just broke up with his girlfriend. Adam volunteers to put her makeup on, and ends up making Ivy a clown. Ivy makes Adm get off the car in the forest.

Adam eventually makes it to Finnegan High School, and reunites with his childhood friend Derby. Ivy then goes to flirt with Hutch, but he notices the clown makeup and jokes about it, confusing her. Derby sees Ivy and instantly states she's hot.

Adam and Derby walk to Adam's classroom, where it is revealed he is the teacher. However, no one takes him seriously and they get out of their seats, until Principal Tater comes. Tater has a talk with Adam, making it obvious he does not want him to be a teacher. When Adam returns to class, Echo arrives, and Adam instantly falls in love with her. He proceeds to the lesson, but Slab has eaten all the chalk.

Adam goes to Mrs. Byrne's room to borrow chalk, but is mistaken for a student. While there, Ivy wants him to pass a letter to Hutch, but he deliberately passes it to Fortran, a nerd. Adam manages to escape the class, but Slab has stolen the keys and locked him out. He lies to Tater about it, saying he's using the keys for an experiment, so Tater calls Dang.

Dang lets Adam into the classroom, but all the students ditched him. Echo then comes in to take her backpack, which he left in here. But then they hear Tater's voice, and have to pretend there is a lesson going on. Tater believes it and leaves, but now Adam has to get his keys back.

Adam confronts Slab, but Slab challenges him to a fight to get his keys back. Adam uses magnets to open up Slab's locker, but all the lockers come charging towards him, so he has to flee.

Derby, realizing Adam needs help, calls Dang to teach him some moves. But Adam has a better idea. He uses Benjamin Franklin's electricity experiment to electrocute Slab into giving him the keys. Thus, Adam wins the fight and no longer needs to be afraid of Slab.


Memorable Quotes


  • Fortran, during the scene where he is crushed by the lockers, makes a Wilhelm Scream. This is a sound effect used in so many famous movies including the entire Star Wars and Indiana Jones series, Toy Story, Toy Story 3, Up, Lethal Weapon, Distant Drums, Kung Fu Panda and Enchanted.


  • After Ivy throws Adam's suitcase out of the car, you can see that the door is slightly open. But in the next scene, the door is wide open.
  • If you see when Adam asks "That is a coyote?" Ivy isn't in the car but she is heard, also the car drives itself in that moment.
  • When Adam and Derby arrive at the Science classroom, Derby is closing the door. But in the next scene, he is standing in front of the class.
  • Adam' class chalk is white (as you can see when he is writing his name on the board), but when he accidentally writes on Principal Tater's head, the chalk is purple.
  • Ivy's hair style changes throughout the episode.


  • Albert Einstein/Frankenstein- Derby says that Adam is a genius like Albert Frankenstein a combination of Albert Einstein and Frankenstein.
  • Godzilla/Bigfoot- Derby tells to Adam to imagine that Godzilla and Bigfoot had a baby (Slab).
  • Harry Potter- Adam accidentally writes on Mr. Tater's head and Adam tells him that he looks like Harry Potter.