Mr. Time
Season 3, Episode 7
Production code 305
Orig. air date January 8, 2013
Written by Dan Signer & Howard Nemetz
Directed by Keith Samples
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"Mr. Elf"
"Mr. Pickles-In-Law"

Mr. Time is the 59th episode of Mr. Young, as well as the 7th episode of the third season.


Time is accelerated after an experiment went wrong; Adam and Derby age.


Adam builds a machine that causes time to move incredibly fast, but it causes a problem when Derby is along with him. Adam tries to work and help fix the time machine problem, while Derby is slacking off and wants Adam to do the same, wrecking his work and causing them to grow older.


  • We finally see how Dang shows up anywhere in this episode.
  • Echo's Shinigami costume is a reference to the Japanese anime Death Note (her hair is spiked up and she holds an apple, which are references to a character in the anime.)
  • If you look closely, Slab is wearing a Gryffindor crest patch on his blazer in the scene where he dresses up as Mr. Young.
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