Mr. Tater (Niece)
Mr Tater
Full Name

Mr. Tater


My Favourite Niece (By Tater)
Buddy (By Malcolm)



Eye Color


Hair Color



Principal Tater (Uncle)
Tater's Sister (Possible Mother)
Mommy (Grandmother)
Adam Young (Possible Cousin)
Ivy Young (Possible Cousin) Rachel Young (Possible Aunt)


Principal Tater

First Episode

"Mr. Sasquawk"

Last Episode

"Mr. Sasquawk"

Portrayed By

Milo Shandel

Mr. Tater is Principal Tater's niece, who first appeared in Mr. Sasquawk.


Her overall appearance resembles her uncle, as if he were cross dressing. Just like him, she sports glasses and blonde hair tied in pigtails.


While not much of it is seen due to her limited screen time, it can be assumed that she has a similar personality to her uncle. Like her uncle, she is a fan of Malcolm Hastings, and even broke down in tears when he refused to give her an autograph.


Her only appearance was in Mr. Sasquawk, where Malcolm Hastings appeared at a Science Convention showing off Sasquawk. When Principal Tater wanted a second autograph, he claimed that it was for Mr. Tater, his niece. When Malcolm refused, Mr. Tater came and asked for an autograph, in which Malcolm believed that Tater was just dressed as a girl. He was proven false when Principal Tater appears next to Mr. Tater, proving that Tater was telling the truth (Though he could've also used her as an excuse to gain another autograph).



Excuse me sir, can I have your autograph? My name's Mr. Tater

—Mr. Tater introducing herself to Malcolm, which is her only line in the series


  • According to Tater, she's his favourite niece.
  • It is possible that her mother is Tater's sister, who was previously mentioned in Mr. Scooter. Further evidence is that most children often resemble their mother, which explains Mr. Tater's resemblance to her uncle.
  • Her appearance proves that Tater's family slightly resembles him similarly to Slab and Dang.
    • She is the only one of Tater family members who was physically seen, as Tater's mother and sister were mentioned, yet never seen in the series.
    • However, if Tater is Adam and Ivy's father, then that would make her their cousins.
  • She is a fan of Malcolm Hastings, like her uncle, though Tater could've used her as an excuse to acquire another autograph.
  • Her exact age is unknown.


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