Mr. Switch
Season 2, Episode 20
Production code 218
Orig. air date August 27, 2012
Written by Ryan W. Smith
Directed by Adam Weissman
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Mr. Switch is the 46th episode of Mr. Young, and the 20th episode of the second season.


When Adam's brain mapping experiment goes wrong, the gang's personalities are switched.


When Adam's brain mapping experiment goes awry, the gang ends up switching their personalities. The entire gang must find a way to go back to their old personalities, before Principal Tater finds out their secret.



  • This is the second time Ivy wears Slab' clothes, the first was in Mr. Talent.
  • Innuendo: Echo (in Derby's body), Ivy (in Dang's body), Mrs. Byrne (in Principal Tater's body) and Slab (in Ivy's body) cross dresses.


  • As Mr. Tater falls in Mr. Young' classroom, the mop bucket cart disappears and reappears in various scenes.
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