Mr. Slumber Party
Season 3, Episode 14
Production code 315
Orig. air date February 26, 2013
Written by Ken Cuperus
Directed by David Winning
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"Mr. Sasquawk"
"Mr. Double Date"
Mr. Slumber Party is the 66th episode of Mr. Young, as well as the 14th episode of the third season.


Ivy invites Echo to a slumber party at the Young house; Adam must now stop Echo from discovering a shrine that exposes his true feelings for her.


  • Brendan Meyer and Adam Young
  • Matreya Fedor as Echo Zizzleswift
  • Gig Morton as Derby
  • Kurt Ostlund as Slab
  • Emily Tennant as Ivy Young
  • Paula Shaw as Mrs. Byrne
  • Dana Blakenberg as Kaylyn
  • James Forrester (II) as Farty Farnsworth
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