Mr. Slabinsky
Mr Slabinsky
Full Name

Mr. Slabinsky


Slab Sr. (By Adam)
My skirt-chaser of a husband (By Mrs. Slabinsky)
Dad (By Slab)




Football Player (Possibly)

Eye Color


Hair Color

Brown (As a teenager)
Bald (As an adult)


Mrs. Slabinsky (Wife)
Jerry Slabinsky (Son)
Jordan Slabinsky (Son)
Unnamed Daughter
Jakey (Nephew)


Mrs. Slabinsky (Wife)
Rachel Young (On her side)


Finnegan High School (Graduated)

First Episode

"Mr. DNA"

Last Episode

"Mr. DNA"

Portrayed By

Kurt Ostlund

Mr. Slabinsky is the husband of Mrs. Slabinsky, as well as the father of Slab, Jerry, Slab's sister and the uncle of Jakey. He is a former student at Finnegan High, having graduated there as well as meeting his wife and family favourite nerd, Principal Tater.

Like his family, he is portrayed by Kurt Ostlund.


He has a remarkably similar face to Slab, due to him being the father of the latter. Unlike Slab, he possesses glasses and has a mustache, eyebrows and hair glued to his face by a hot glue gun. In his only appearance, he wears a neat, brownsuit.

When he was a teenager, he had longer hair, lacked glasses and wore the Finnegan High football uniform, as well as a black leather jacket.


His personality is remarkably similar to his son's, often threatening others with his large physique. This is shown when he immediately threatened a young Tater who walked up to him and Echo as Dang who bumped into him, implying that this trait has been passed down to Slab. It is also shown that he is quite athletic, as he is part of his school's football team.

According to Mrs. Slabinsky, he is a skirt chaser. This is proven when he -apparently- accepted a kiss from Rachel, while talking to 2 other girls in the quad. Ultimately, he chose Mrs. Slabinsky to be his wife and immediately accepted her offer to kiss. It is unknown if he still has these traits as an adult.

While his relationship with his son is unknown, it is shown that he does not care about his son's behaviour or grades in school. In fact, he only sent Slab to Finnegan High because its a free public school, dismissing Adam's complaints about Slab's grades. But it is possible that he is a strict father, as Slab stated that Jerry often tries to get him in trouble with his parents.

Abilities and Talents

He probably has the same skills as his son, such as using his large physique to scare and bully people while also having increased strength. Additionally, he is proven to be quite athletic, as he was on the school football team. He may have also contributed to Slab's increased durability, as he claims to have glued his hair onto his skin with a hot glue gun, which could seriously damage the skin. But because of this, it is impossible to pull his hair off, even with a vacuum.

Additionally, a minor trait he has is attracting women, as both Rachel and Mrs. Slabinsky had large crushes on him. He was also confident in talking to 2 girls in the quad, and they both were even attracted to his charms. Mrs. Slabinsky describes him as 'Hasslehoff Handsome' but it also could be from his advanced physique.


In his adult years, he suffered from full body alopecia, but he makes up for this with a hot glue gun.

He is willing to accept a kiss from any girl who asks one from him, making him a skirt chaser.

Like his son, he is easily enraged from minor matters. He also dislikes people touching his favourite coffee cup, which can spark his anger. Additionally, he also has difficulties in math, even when it is so simple.


Sometime in his youth, Mr. Slabinsky acquired a habit of skirt chasing. In his teen years, Mr. Slabinsky attended Finnegan High school, where he became one of the school's football players. He also met Tater at some point, where he often bullied the latter.

During the great spirit day of 1985, Mr. Slabinsky was seen stretching alongside the other football players, oblivious to the fact that Mrs. Slabinsky was admiring him. A teen Rachel then appeared as well, asking for a kiss from Mr. Slabinsky, to which he accepted (much to Adam's horror when he heard about this).

Later, a teenage Tater was busy looking for his Finnegan Fryer mascot head, while inadvertently stumbling upon Mr. Slabinsky, who scared Tater away. Once Tater found his chicken head, he put it on only to unfortunately find out that it had glue placed in it by Mrs. Slabinsky, and Tater immediately blamed Rachel for this incident because she had glue on her hands.

A week later, Mr. Slabinsky was busy talking to two girls in the quad, only for his attention to then change to Mrs. Slabinsky's whistling. As he went over to Mrs. Slabinsky, she immediately asked him to kiss her, in which he happily accepted. This was the time Tater had his chicken head and hair removed.

Eventually, the two of them fell in love and became a wealthy couple. They then concieved three children: Jerry Slabinsky, Jordan "Slab" Slabinsky, and an unnamed daughter. He also became the uncle of Jakey.

He was first mentioned by Slab in Mr. Detention, where the latter began to tell the story of his parents before being cut off by Adam.

He made his first physical appearance in Mr. DNA, where Adam and Echo were attempting to solve the mystery of Tater's prankster which caused the cheerleaders to be banned. When the two discovered that there was DNA similar to Slab's in the chicken head, Adam quickly deduced that it belonged to Mr. Slabinsky. So Adam decided to call Mr. Slabinsky to Finnegan High to acquire a DNA sample.

When he got there, Mr. Slabinsky reacted in surprise to Adam being a kid teacher in a similar way to his son. While Adam began to distract Mr. Slabinsky during the parent teacher conference, Echo -disguised as Dang- used various attempts to acquire Mr. Slabinsky's DNA, such as trying to vacuum his hair and collect his coffee cup. Unfortunately, all these attempts fail, and Mr. Slabinsky prepares to leave. As a final attempt, Echo beats two chalkboard dusters together, creating a dust that makes Mr. Slabinsky sneeze on Adam. Once Mr. Slabinsky leaves, Echo collects some of the snot on Adam.

To their surprise, the DNA is not similar to the chicken head's DNA, and it is then revealed to be Mrs. Slabinsky's DNA. As they realise this, Mrs. Slabinsky enters the Science Lab looking for her husband. She then tells the story of how she and Mr. Slabinsky fell in love.

Mr. Slabinsky is not seen in the series again, but he is indirectly mentioned by Slab in Mr. Kidd, where Slab worriedly tells Ivy that his big brother Jerry is watching them. He also explains how Jerry often tries to get him in trouble with his parents.



Have You Seen My Fist!!!

—His first phrase of the series when he sees Tater.

Your a Kid...

—His first phrase upon meeting Adam.

Anywas, I don't care if you keep failing my kid. It's public school, it's free.

—His final phrase of the series.


  • He is very similar to his son, Slab, personality wise due to the following reasons.
    • Both frequently bully Tater.
    • Both have long hair during their teen years.
    • Both find it very difficult to count, even when it is easy.
    • Both often like using their fists.
      • Adam is aware of these similarities, claiming that "The fruitball doesn't fall far from the tree". Even their first words to Adam are the same.
      • It is possible that Slab derived these traits from his father.
  • According to Mrs. Slabinsky, he is a skirt chaser.
  • He suffers from full body alopecia, but makes up for it with a hot glue gun and alpaca hair.
  • He had the same Deli Cup since 1992 because of its free refills, and this makes him extremely protective of it.
  • He is never seen with his children, and is only seen with his wife as teenagers.
  • Like his son Jerry, he wears glasses (As an adult).
  • It is unknown what his job is, but it is possible that he is a football player, as he was part of Finnegan's football team as a teenager and successful football players tend to be very rich.
  • Rachel had a crush on him, and the two even kissed (Adam was horrified when he heard about this).
    • The kiss seen is omitted in the Disney XD dub of Mr. DNA.
  • He doesn't seem to care about his children's education, as he didn't mind Slab's bad grades and status as a school bully.
  • Mr. Slabinsky is the first confirmed father seen in the series, as all the characters in previous episodes are only revealed to be fathers later in the series (Principal Tater is still unconfirmed to be Adam and Ivy's father).
    • Unlike the other fathers, he is never seen with his children in any scene.
  • He and his wife didn't appear at Slab's graduation, possibly due to the fact that they never expected him to graduate.
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