Mr. Scooter
Season 2, Episode 21
Production code 219
Orig. air date September 3, 2012
Written by Dan Signer
Directed by Adam Weissman
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Mr. Scooter is the 47th episode of Mr. Young, as well as the 21st episode of the second season.


Adam, Echo, Derby, Ivy and Slab tell the principal how they destroyed Tater's scooter.


Adam, Echo, Slab, and Derby are put to detention for wrecking Principal Tater's scooter. They ask each other about this silly consequence, and they all tell stories on their views of what happened to the scooter, including a car wash, a chicken rescue, a new pair of shoes, hamsters being born, and a trip to Ireland.



  • The comedy film Bad Teacher is spoofed by Adam's story, as Adam and Derby are shown wearing the clothing of Cameron Diaz's character in the car wash scene.
  • Adam's story references the classic belief that was used in the Nickelodeon show Avatar: The Last Airbender as shown on the "Periodic" Table of the Elements (Fire, Water, Air, and Earth).
  • The Irish currency is euro, no more Irish pound.
  • Mr. Tater makes a reference to Flat Earth Society's web site
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