Mr. Pickles-In-Law
Season 3, Episode 8
Production code 304
Orig. air date January 15, 2013
Written by Ryan W. Smith & Nathaniel Moher
Directed by Keith Samples
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"Mr. Time"
"Mr. Sci-Fi"
Mr. Pickles-In-Law is the 60th episode of Mr. Young, as well as the 8th episode of the third season.


Derby wins the heart of the new girl at school, only to learn she's off-limits because she's the daughter of Preston Pickles, Derby's sworn enemy.


Derby meets a new student in the school, Patsy, and falls in love at first sight, and he asks her out. But soon he finds out her father is Preston Pickles. Adam, trying to protect Derby tries to talk him out of dating Patsy, but Derby ignores his advice. Preston Pickles makes another attempt to stop the relationship, but Derby makes a fake infomercial to show, which Adam stops because he sees Echo "making out with Derby". Later, Preston agrees to Derby that he can date Patsy if he steals Adam's invention. Adam then makes a juice-fruiting invention, which Derby steals. He tells Derby that he booby-trapped his invention. At the Infomercial awards, the invention booby-trapped invention squirts all over Adam's face and on Preston's face, ruining him. He then forbids Derby from dating Patsy. Asking Patsy to decide, Patsy breaks up with Derby. Asking Adam to decide, Adam gets Preston's boyfriend eliminator. At the end of the episode, Derby is shown to be depressed about Patsy. Adam then tells Derby, there is something in the mail for him, which was another Derby.


Echo signs up for Driver's Ed class, but then is horrified to find out that her teacher is Mrs. Byrne. She tries to quit, but she is forced to take the class because of Principal Tater. Mrs. Byrne is then proving that she is a horrible teacher because of the car she brings up to the class. The car later breaks down, and Mr Echo, hating the experience, tells Tater to drive. Tater, not knowing how to drive, tells Echo to drive, and Echo at first seems cool, but Echo then gets caught by the police. She pretends to be Mrs. Byrne, and then Principal Tater pretends to be Echo, which embarasses her because of his lack of intelligence. Echo decides to continue driving, and then she realizes Mrs. Byrne had spare glasses the whole time.

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