Mr. Mummy
Season 1, Episode 19
Production code 119
Orig. air date October 25, 2011 (CAN)
October 24, 2011 (USA)
Written by Ken Cuperus
Directed by Adam Weissman
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"Mr. Tickleschmootz"
"Mr. Elderman"
"Mr. Mummy" is the nineteenth episode of Mr. Young overall, as well as the nineteenth episode of the first season.


Echo invites Adam to go to a horror movie screening at the school.


It's Halloween night, and Echo invites Adam to go to a horror movie screening at the school. In order to attend, a grounded Adam must hide from his mom when she shows up at school.


Memorable Quotes


  • Exactly one year after this episode aired on YTV last Halloween, it has not aired there since.

Running Gags

  • Rachel explaining Ivy and Adam about her dress.


  • When Rachel goes out of the house, there are kids that says "Trick or Treat" but they don't push the doorbell or either knock the door.
  • Dang says that mummies and zombies are night creatures, mummies are not consider as night creatures very much.
  • Dang doesn't know what is Halloween even though the Halloween is also a day celebrate in Vietnam.
  • When Dang is making a draw on the pumpking, his position changes between different angles and scenes.
  • When Rachel arrives Finnegan and Dang scares her, the pumpkin Dang has is intact. In the next scene, the pumpking is cut in slices, in the next scene, the pumpkin appears intact again, but as Dang tells Rachel that he is cutting it, the pumpkin is cut in slices again.
  • If you see closely Dang has 12 eggs in a cage, but he throw 6 eggs at Rachel' dress and has 4 more in the cage, making a total of 10 eggs instead.
  • Plus, Dang has 12 eggs in a cage when he tells to Tater that he is going to make him a Trick, but he throw 5 eggs instead.
  • When Dang finishes throwing the eggs at Rachel' dress right side, the eggs' cage is empty. But in the next scene, he has 5 eggs in the cage.


  • Twilight: The Sand and Soil Chronicles is based on the series of novels The Twilight Saga.



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