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Mr. Moth
Season 1, Episode 26
Production code 124
Orig. air date March 19, 2012 (CAN)
January 30, 2012 (USA)
Written by Jennifer Daley & Jennica Harper
Directed by Anthony Atkins
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"Mr. Space"
"Mr. Claus"

"Mr. Moth" is the twenty-sixth and final episode of Season 1, and the twenty-sixth episode of Mr. Young overall.


Adam is afraid he may be turning into a moth.


Adam spills moth pheremones all over him, and Echo gets attracted to him. Adam thinks it's because of him, but Derby sets off to prove it's the pheremones. He puts the pheremones in a cabinet, and Echo falls in love with the cabinet, proving Derby's theory.

Adam wants Echo to be attracted to him, so he uses the pheremones on purpose. Adam asks Echo on a date to a festival in the school, and she accepts. However, that night, Adam has a dream he turns into a moth, and decides to stop using the pheremones.

At the festival, Echo is not attracted to Adam, so he used a ton of pheremones. However, moths come and eat all his clothes except his underwear.

In the end, the whole thing is revealed to be Echo's dream, and she cannot believe she dreamt she was attracted to Adam. Then, Adam looks at her and smiles, and she wonders..."do I like him?"

Meanwhile, Dang is homesick, so Ivy puts on a Vietnamese festival for him.




Memorable Quotes

(Dang sees Adam running around after moths eat his clothes and starts laughing.)

"Ivy: Dang, you're still here!"
"Dang: Yeah. I'm not homesick anymore. I realized, life is better, here."
"Ivy: Because you have people who care about you."
"Dang: No. When moths attack in Vietman, they also eat underpants!"


  • This episode was filmed in Season 1, and it aired in Season 1 in the United States on Disney XD, but it was swapped with Mr. Claus, which aired in Season 1 because of Christmas.
  • This is the first episode that Disney XD advertised.
  • Echo dreaming that Adam concocted a scheme to get her interested in him suggesting that she deep down feels the same is very similar to the Hey Arnold! episode "Married" when Helga nearly confesses her feelings to Arnold in his own dream suggesting that he is subconsciously aware of her feelings towards him.



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