Mr. Memory is an episode of Mr. Young.


Adam is dating Echo and Derby finds out. Adam tries to find a way to erase Derby's memory to prevent him from spreading the secret. Adam tries to get help from Preston Pickles by using Adam's propaganda tool to erase memory, by promoting it at Finnegan High. Unfortunately, Preston Pickles uses it on Echo, and Echo does not remember they were dating at all. Angered, Adam tells Preston Pickles not to use it on Echo and on Derby instead, but Preston Pickles doesn't remember it at all since he used the tool to erase his own memory. Derby ends up keeping it a secret against his own best friend, and angers Adam. Principal Tater does not fire Adam for dating Echo. But then Echo is transferred to another science class, with a rival kid teacher, Mr. Kid. Principal Tater likes him, and this angers Adam more.


  • Echo is no longer in Adam's science class as of now.
  • As of this episode Ivy and Slab are dating
  • It is reveled this episode that Ivy didn't know who her father was.
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