Mr. Matchmaker
Season 2, Episode 4
Production code 203
Orig. air date March 26, 2012 (CAN)
June 18, 2012 (USA)
Written by Ryan W. Smith
Directed by Jon Rosenbaum
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"Mr. Matchmaker" is the thirtieth episode of Mr.Young overall, as well as the fourth episode of the second season.


Adam and Echo devise a plan to get Principal Tater off Adam's back.


With Principal Tater constantly on Adam's back, Adam and Echo decide to calm his frustrations by finding him a woman. This proves more difficult than expected. But when Echo convinces Adam to match Tater up with Adam's mom, Rachel, everyone is happy everyone, except Adam. Meanwhile, Derby tries to cure Slab's phobia of milk. In the end, Adam's mom and Principal Tater apparently got engaged. It appears that Tater becomes a step-father of Adam.


Memorable Quotes


  • Innuendos: Rachel and Mr. Tater leave the school to go to the car to kiss which could led to "other things".
    • Also Echo says "she was having fun".
    • When Derby was milking the cow, the cow kicks him because he was milking her then Mrs. Byrne yells "I also kick him if he does the same thing to me".
  • This was scheduled to be third episode off season 2 but due to complications it appeared to be the forth episode of the season.
  • Fourth Wall Break: When Mr. Tater says " That's our folder box" he looks at the camera.
  • Derby crossdresses as a mom in this episode.
  • Slab is revealed to have a fear of milk in this episode, however he overcame it thanks to Derby.


  • Actually when Adam pushes Mr. Tater, Rachel gets near Mr. Tater for giving him the kiss.
  • There was a plate on Rachel and Mr. Tater' table who appears and disappears randomly.
  • When Rachel and Mr. Tater leave the school to go to the car, a car alarm sounds but nobody is seen pushing the "open door" button.
  • If you see closely, when Slab and the cow clap their hands the cow's hand is actually a plastic one.
  • Actually a venus flytrap waits some seconds to take it food but when Marty eat Mr. Tater's nose and the fly, it doesn't wait seconds.



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