Mr. Magic
Season 3, Episode 3
Production code 306
Orig. air date November 13, 2012
Written by Ken Cupers
Directed by Adam Weissman
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"Mr. and Mrs. Roboto"
"Mr. Apartment"
Mr. Magic is the 55th episode of Mr. Young, as well as the 3rd episode of the third season.


Adam tries to turn a group outing to the Magic Mansion into a date with Echo.


Echo invites Adam to the Magic Mansion, and Adam is convinced the she wants to go out on a date with him. Later, the realizes that everyone else was invited, except for Principal Tater. At the mansion, Adam decides to try and make everyone go away by stuffing them in a magic cabinet that makes anything inside it disappear. Meanwhile, Principal Tater, wants to join the Magic Mansion, only to add to his collection of membership cards, which includes the Club Soda Club, the Club Membership Card Collectors Club, and apparently, the ISTH (International Society of Tater Haters). He is told he has to do a magic trick to join, but he ends up giving very stupid "magic tricks" such as using a yo-yo, a dummy of himself, and baking a cake (he believes that it is turning liquid into a solid, which is possible). Adam decides to make everyone disappear, but when Echo notices it, she is convinced Adam is a secret magician, and wants Adam to saw her in half. When Adam does this trick, he believes that it was really going to happen, since he observed the box Echo was in, and decides to perform it, feeling worried, but he then realizes he successfully performed the trick. After the trick, he decides to "give" Principal Tater a membership, but instead shoves him in the magic cabinet. At the end of the episode, Echo realizes magic is not real, and then wonders why Adam likes it, when he only pretended so he can go on a date. She then wonders where everyone else is, and then Adam realizes that everyone went in the cabinet, which is really a magical portal going to an alternate dimension, where everyone is.



  • Harry Potter - The music that plays when the episode returns from the commercial break is similar to the theme of Harry Potter.
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