Mr.Young Season 3 episode 23 mr Kidd part 1

Mr. Kidd is an episode of Mr. Young.


Mr. Kidd, is a new kid teacher at Finnegan High, and uses the exact same things to say in science class that Adam says, and impresses the students. When the students from Adam's class are impressed with Mr. Kidd, Adam is upset. Echo has fallen in love with Mr. Kidd, and then this upsets Adam more. Derby is even impressed. Adam tries to revive Echo's memories, and then it proves not to work. When Mr. Kidd and Echo are kissing, Adam is even more upset, and he then finds out Echo does not remember him at all.

Later on, Mr. Kidd reveals that he used it to steal Adam's identity. Later on, Derby is shown not to remember Adam at all. Principal Tater does not remember him either. Adam's mom does not remember Adam either. Adam is then kicked out of his own home.

Adam finds the memory machine and then Derby kicks him out. Derby reveals he dislikes Mr. Kidd for every time he's been a jerk. Adam pretends to be a hat salesmanm and then he gives everyone a hat. After that, he reveals their memories are stored in the hats, but Mr. Kidd foils the plan. Echo and Adam kiss, and Echo remembers everything. Echo reveals what Mr. Kidd had done. Adam and Echo give everyone their memory back, much to Mr. Kidd's dismay. And Adam and Echo are a couple again.

Mr. Kidd is then fired from Finnegan High, and Rachel gets Mr. Kidd grounded.


  • Jerry, another Slab sibling is shown.
  • This episode breaks the fourth wall.
  • This episode hints a possibility of Principal Tater being Adam and Ivy's father.
  • The opening titles of this episode, replace Mr. Young with Mr. Kidd.
  • This is also the episode where Echo kisses Mr Young


  • MGM - Principal Tater mentions that what he remembers from the film version of 1984 was "the lion roaring right at the camera", which he is talking about the logo at the opening of the film.
  • 1984 - The novel is used as a subject for the subplot of the episode. Slab says "Big Brother is watching us! My big brother, Jerry." This is a reference to the character in 1984 known as Big Brother.
  • Steve Jobs - During the presentation of 1984, Slab dresses up like Steve Jobs and mentions "Fruitball Computers."

Running Gags

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