Mr. Kidd
Mr Kidd
Full Name

Mr. Kidd





Resides in

The Young House (Formerly)


High School Science Teacher (Formerly)

Eye Color


Hair Color



Echo (Formerly)


Finnegan High School (Formerly)


Finnegan HIgh School (Formerly)
Echo (Formerly)

First Episode

"Mr. Memory"

Last Episode

"Mr. Kidd"

Portrayed By

Nicholas Elia

Mr. Kidd is a rival kid teacher at Finnegan High, and Echo's former interest. Unlike Adam, he made a very good first impression on everyone else in the school, and Principal Tater likes him, thinking he is the only kid teacher in the school. He is the main antagonist in the episode of the same name.

He is portrayed by Nicholas Elia.


Mr. Kidd can be seen as a more successful version of Adam. Unlike Adam, who's students often disrespect him and get bored on his lessons, Mr. Kidd is so good at his job that all the other students participate, including Slab and Derby. Additionally, he is very supportive of his student's opinions, as shown when Derby suggested they made a monster, Mr. Kidd happily helped him while Adam often refused. His teaching skills are so good that Slab even wished that it was Science Class forever.

He is apparently smarter than Adam as well, claiming to have been able to think of 30 ways to stop Adam's plot to restore everyone's memories. He was also able to upgrade Adam's memory machine to the point where it could successfully wipe out every person's memory of Adam and replacing the latter with himself. His intelligence gives him a slight bit of maturity, as he was able to make a better first impression on Echo, instantly attracting her to him while Adam took years before they dated.

Unfortunately, his dark side is even greater than Adam to the point of him willing to ruin Adam's entire life and replace him in everyone's memories. While Adam only targets boys who are into Echo, Mr. Kidd decides to replace Adam in everyone's memories, even having Rachel believe that Kidd was her son while evicting Adam. This proves his selfishness is on a higher level than Adam himself.

Even when he is at least 10 times better than Adam, he still has a sense of humour, as proven when he and Adam continuously joked about the memory machine's racing stripe. He also knows when to panic, as proven when Echo's memories of Adam are restored, all he did was run away.

Abilities and Talents

Like Adam, Kidd has a genius-level intellect, being about 10 times smarter than him. He was able to fix the memory machine while Adam struggled with it, with the former being able to upgrade it in the process. He also claimed to have been able to come up with 30 ways to foil Adam's plans within a second, yet he used the simplest technique on pulling the plug.

He is also very manipulative, as he was able to reverse every impression Adam made, such as instantly causing Echo to fall in love with him, having his students respect him, Tater to like having a kid teacher, and even causing Rachel to believe Kidd was her son instead of Adam. These prove that Kidd has a healthier way of socialising, as opposed to Adam who often mixes science with everything, giving everyone the impression that he is but a crazy science freak.


Although he is better than Adam at everything, his plans can still backfire, as shown when he replaced Derby's memories of Adam with himself, he also caused himself to replace Adam in Derby's bad memories, causing the latter to believe he's a jerk and turn on him. This proves he can be reckless, as he didn't take any of Adam's bad history into account and change it.

Additionally, he is just as cowardly as Adam, as proven when he instantly ran away after Adam and Echo foiled his plans. He was also forced by Rachel to do his chores, as she still believed that he was her son even after Adam returned everyone's memories.


Prior to the series, Mr. Kidd graduated from the Rensselear Polytechnic Institute of Technology, where he decided to become a High School Science Teacher rather than pursuing a career in robotics engineering.

In Mr. Memory, Adam and Echo began dating, yet they were at the risk of Derby revealing their secret. So when Adam decides to have Derby's memory wiped with a special machine, Adam goes to Preston Pickles for help. As it happens, Echo's memories were accidentally erased by Preston Pickles, causing her to forget her relationship with Adam. When it was discovered Adam and Echo where dating, the school board accepted it, so long as Echo is taught by another science teacher. The teacher was Mr. Kidd, who makes a good impression on Echo and Tater.

In Mr. Kidd, he also makes the same impression on the other students, despite teaching the same stuff as Adam. When Adam tries to restore Echo's memories, Kidd offers to help but alters the machine enough to make Echo think she and Kidd are dating. To add insult to injury, Kidd steals everyones memories of Adam and replaces those memories with him, including his own mother. Kidd reveals to Adam that he intends to steal Adam's life, and has Adam's mother kick him out of his home. 

Adam tries to steal the memory machine from the class but is confronted by Derby. It turns out Derby remembers the times Adam was a jerk, but only as Kidd. Developing a hatred for Kidd, Derby teams up with Adam. Adam disguises himself as a salesmen to sell hats linked to the memory machine, but the plan is foiled by Mr. Kidd, who simply pulled the plug to the machine. As a plan B, Adam tries to convince Echo about their past. Ironically, Kidd's own plan was foiled when Adam ends up kissing Echo, getting her memory back. She reveals that Kidd tricked them, and eventually gets everyone's memories back, while Mr. Kidd runs away in defeat.

In the last scene, Kidd is seen packing up, having been fired. Since Adam's mother didn't get her memories back, she still thinks Kidd is her son, and grounds him for not doing chores.


  • His first impression on Echo is the same one Adam used in Mr. First Impression.
  • His first phrase on the show was "Who you Calling Kid?", which is the name of the series theme song.
  • He went to Rensselear Polytechnic Institute of Technology of Robotics Engineering, which explains his ability to instantly upgrade the memory machine.
  • He is the only additional character to have appeared on the title screen, replacing Brendan Meyer as Adam Young.
    • Coincidentally, he appeared in an episode with his name on it, parodied various elements from the first episode, and even replaced the title card from Mr. Young to Mr Kidd.
    • If he were successful in replacing Adam, then the series would've been rebooted as Mr. Kidd, where he replaces Adam.
  • He didn't give his first name to anyone, so it's unknown what his full name is, as everyone calls him Mr. Kidd or just Kidd.
  • His attire in Mr. Kidd was similar to some of Adam's clothing, further proving himself to be a mirror imge of Adam.
  • In the episodes he appeared in, there was another credited character present as well (Preston Pickles and Mr. French).
  • He is the only on-screen teacher at Finnegan High to have been permanently fired.
  • It is unknown where he is now, or if he is still considered as Rachel's son, as Rachel was never seen recovering her memory, nor appeared after she dragged him away. Though its most likely she did.
  • He likes roasted chicken.
  • Like most characters, he is repulsed by Mrs. Byrne's urinary issues.
  • He is quite similar to Joseph in some ways:
    • Both were kid geniuses who skipped grades.
    • Both were better than Adam, causing Derby to respect them more and Echo to spend more time with them.
    • Both debuted in episodes that featured the mind (Mr. Brain for Joseph where the brain was featured, Mr. Memory for Mr. Kidd where the memory was featured).
    • Both were initially nice to Adam, causing the latter to become jealous, but became more antagonistic towards him (While Joseph was only antagonistic because of Adam's personality and envy, Mr. Kidd became antagonistic to replace him in his life to be with Echo).
    • Derby never slept during their brief lessons, and even understood them.
    • Both left Finnegan because of Adam (Joseph left because he was horrified at how he could turn out like Adam, Mr. Kidd left because he was thwarted by Adam and subsequently fired).
    • Both have worn clothing similar to Adam.
    • The climax of their episodes featured them at the quad first (Where Joseph was the test subject of Adam's brain enhancer, while Mr. Kidd ruined Adam's memory machine before being defeated himself), then at the Science Lab with Tater and Adam present before permanently leaving Finnegan (Joseph was going to be transferred back to Grade School with Tater as an escort, while Mr. Kidd was fired by Tater).
    • Both were mistaken as someone else's son (Joseph was thought to be Tater's son, while Rachel believed Mr. Kidd was her son).
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