Mr. Inventor
Season 1, Episode 4
Production code 106
Orig. air date March 22, 2011 (CAN)
September 29, 2011(USA)
Written by Howard Nemetz
Directed by Anthony Atkins
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"Mr. Detention"
"Mr. Younger Man"
"Mr. Inventor" is the forth episode of Mr. Young overall, as well as the forth episode of the first season.


Adam becomes jealous when Derby accidentally invents a miracle hair growth formula. When someone wants to market his formula, Derby has to recreate it but cannot remember what the formula was. Meanwhile, Ivy needs to pass her CPR course. By the end of the episode, Ivy still did not pass, although she had saved Preston Pickles.


Memorable Quotes


  • Even though Ivy preformed CPR on Preston Pickles, she did not pass because Mr. Tater said it only works on the dummy.
  • Innuendo: Derby tells to Adam that he proved the hair mixture in "other parts".
  • Derby's wildest dreams are ordering lots and lots of pizza, as revealed in this episode.

Running Gags

  • People proving the hair mixture.


  • Principal Tater is a principal, not a teacher so he shoudn't be in the CPR class.


  • Pac-Man (1980s)- When Ivy decapitates a dummy, the sound of Pac-Man when he dies is heard.
  • Apocalypse Now - Principal Tater uses the final lines from the movie. "The horror, the horror."