Mr. Elephant
Season 2, Episode 10
Production code 211
Orig. air date May 7, 2012 (CAN)
Written by Jennica Harper
Directed by Anthony Atkins
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"Mr. Elephant" is the thirty-sixth episode of Mr. Young overall, as well as the tenth episode of the second season.


A teenage girl, Brap, is accidentally transported from her home in the rainforest to Adam's classroom. She speaks no English, has superhuman strength, and believes she is an elephant! Impressed by her animal nature, Slab falls in love at first sight. But Brap only has eyes for Adam. While Echo and Adam try to help Brap fit in at Finnegan, Slab tries to win her affections. Then Ivy trains Brap to be like her and renames her Briannna (as she claimed it was with 3 n's) and teaches her to talk and teaches her that she is a homosapien.


Memorable Quotes


  • Slab had a crush on Brap. However, in Season 1 episode "Mr. Picture Day", he insulted marriage, claiming that it was an antiquated institution.


  • After Echo fly away with the balloons, you can see that the balloons' cords and Echo are still visible though the fact that Finnegan doesn't have roof in that part of it.
  • Ivy gains a chihuahua in this episode, but in following episodes, the chihuahua isn't in the Young's house.
  • Slap blames Adam for ruined his chance with Brap, but technically Ivy ruined it, not Adam.


  • Tarzan- Adam says that Brap possibly was being raised by elephants is similar to Tarzan being raised by gorillas. Also Slab acts like him in a part of the episode.
  • Garfield- Mr. Tater found a piece of a Garfield comic in Derby' newspaper soup.
  • Charlie Brown- Adam found a piece of a Charlie Brown comic in his newspaper soup.