Mr. Detention
Season 1, Episode 3
Production code 104
Orig. air date March 15, 2011 (CANA)
September 28, 2011 (USA)
Written by Dan Signer
Directed by Adam Weissman
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"Mr. Detention" is the third episode of Mr. Young overall, as well as the third episode of the first season.


Adam must make sure no one misbehaves in order to get out of detention.


Adam learns that Echo is taking the same route home from school and is excited to walk with her until he learns he has detention duty and the only way to get out of it is to prevent anyone from getting in trouble. Adam and Derby try the whole week to keep Slab from getting detention.




  • The first episode to show Adam crossdressing (as Mrs. Byrne and as Princess Leila).

Running Gags

  • Throughout the week, Adam and Derby stopping Slab from be in the detention.
  • Everytime Adam and Derby stops one of Slab' tricks, he makes a new one.
  • Slab be on Detention.


  • In the Friday, Adam and Echo leaves the school before Derby accidentally wets Principal Tater so technically Adam doesn't have to be on detention with Derby.
  • The scene after the scene of Adam screaming "no" in the Friday, is a scene of the students leaving Finnegan though they leave the school before (when Echo and Adam leaved it).


  • Star Wars- All the week Adam dresses as several characters from Star Wars: Chewbacca in the Tuesday, Darth Vader in the Wednesday, Yoda in the Thursday and Princess Leia in the Friday. Also Derby dresses as R2 D2 in the Friday.
  • Domino's Pizza Service (1980s-1990s)- Adam tells to Derby that he is late for 31 minutes similar to when the Domino's (1980s-1990s) service.
  • Super Mario Bros.- Adam' painter disguise is similar to Mario's trademark outfit.
  • Duck Soup - The famous "fake mirror" gag performed by Groucho Marx is parodied here.


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