Mr. Club
Season 3, Episode 11
Production code 307
Orig. air date February 5, 2013
Written by Ken Cuperus
Directed by Jason Furukawa
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Mr. Club is the 63rd episode of Mr. Young, as well as the 11th episode of the third season.


Adam is determined to join Finnegan's secret club.


Adam joins every club Echo is into, but then wrecks every last one. He then finds out about Finnegan High's "SECRET CLUB" and tries to join to show Echo they have so much in common.



  • An owl is featured in this episode, and is Slab's friend.
  • This is the first (and only) episode to not have Derby share a scene with Adam. It is also the first episode to not have the subplot intertwine with the main plot at any point.
  • Adam shaves his eyebrows in this episode, but they grow back in the next episode.
  • Dang is shown to be able to hover in mid-air for a flying kick in this episode.
    • Additionally, Dang is shown to be strong enough to punch through a wok.
  • Derby was able to disguise himself as Master Ki despite not meeting him until Mr. Finale.
  • Owls are normally nocturnal animals, but the owls in this episode were all awake during the day.
  • It is still unknown why Principal Tater hanged the vending machine in the air.

Running Gags

  • Adam entering a club Echo is in, effectively ruining it.
  • Adam addressing Echo with the same phrase: "Echo? Echo Zizzleswift? Your in the (Club name) just like me?".
  • Derby using creative ways to aquire more noodles.
  • People stealing Derby's noodles.
  • Slab arguing with an owl every time it hoots.
  • Mr. Tater reading a deadly part of the script, scaring Adam, only to continue reading the rest of the script.

Character Reveals

  • Dang learned how to make Bun Xao Noodles from Master Ki.
  • Master Ki has a mortal enemy named Master Mi, whom Dang vows to destroy, and an ex-wife named Mimi who was stolen from him by Master Mi.
  • Derby can play possum, even turning his eyes into X's in a somewhat cartoony style.
  • Slab can eat an entire bowl of noodles in one bite.
  • Principal Tater is in his 40s or older.
  • Adam has a rubber ducky with him when he takes a bath.


  • This is the second episode to focus on school clubs, with Mr. Shakespeare being the first.
  • Master Ki, who was first mentioned in Mr. Airplane, is mentioned again in this episode.
  • Slab joining the organic gardening club to have organic meals is a possible throwback to Mr. Picture Day, where Slab grows his own food (on himself).
  • Adam having a rubber ducky to protect him from sea monsters is similar to what he said about his blanket in Mr. Honest.
  • This is the second episode to feature a talking animal, following Mr. Sleep.


  • If one were to look closely at the background students, some of them can be seen in the quad and the science lab simultaneously.
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