Mr. Apartment
Season 3, Episode 4
Production code 303
Orig. air date November 20, 2012
Written by Jennica Harper
Directed by Howard Nemetz
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Mr. Apartment is the 56th episode of Mr. Young, as well as the 4th episode of the third season.


Adam moves into an apartment.


The episode starts with Adam trying to read in a soundproof environment, and is interrupted by Rachel. After she opens the window, Adam informs her that he emptied the room of oxygen. He then reads a sign that says "Apartment for Rent", and then Adam decides to move out.

When he is about to rent the apartment, Derby comes in, and installs random unnecessary objects such as a casket, which he used as a bed (he heard it was used for dirt naps, assuming it means Derby Is Really Tired), destroying the sides of the door, thus letting anyone come in. Later on, Echo, comes in, and Adam decides to let her in, believing she wants to have a date with him, but she only came in to play Wizards of War with some nerds, due to the fact that they were banned from the game, then treats Adam like a servant. Adam tries to relax in the apartment, but Slab then comes in, and demands that he uses the kitchen to feed the homeless. Ivy then comes in, saying that she needs rabbits to observe their behaviour, as she believes that she will get makeup for free as rabbits are used as the test subject, making the apartment used into a storage area. She says she does not want them in the house as rabbits are filthy and she does not want them in her home, so instead uses the apartment of Adam. Annoyed with all the uninvited guests treating him like a servant, Adam decides to come back to his home, saying he wants to come back to his house because of the uninvited guests. He calls the owner and tries to show the damage, but the owner is instead impressed with the damage and the annoyances. Angered, Adam shouts that he wants to leave because of everyone's uninvited attendances. The owner decides that if he wants to get out of the lease, he will have to give it to someone else, and then gives it to Principal Tater. At the end, Principal Tater is thrown out of the apartment window.


Principal Tater tries to impress his online date, Gwen, by lying online. He tries to turn Finnegan High into a mansion, as he said he was a billionaire, with the help of Dang.



  • Alien - Adam says the film's tagline "In space no one can hear you scream".
  • The Apartment - This episode contains a similar scenario to this film.


  • This is one of the only episodes not to show Adam teaching in school.
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