Ivy Young
Full Name

Ivy Young


Boo (By a Nerd)





Eye Color


Hair Color



Rachel Young (Mother)
Adam Young (Brother)
George Tater (Possible Father)


Slab (Boyfriend)
Hutch Anderson (Ex-Boyfriend)
Derby (Crush; On His Side)


Finnegan High School

First Episode

Mr. Young

Portrayed By

Emily Tennant

Ivy Young is one of the three main antiheroes of the series. She is the older sister of Adam Young, but usually antagonizes him.

She is portrayed by Emily Tennant.


Ivy is ashamed of her brother and thinks he embarrasses her. She has an enormous crush on Hutch Anderson. She is the queen bee of Finnegan High. She also is a reporter, along with Echo.


Ivy is the most popular students in Finnegan High, and is portrayed as a stereotypical popular girl: vain, shallow, and often doesn't think things through. She is very very dim-witted. She is also the queen bee of Finnegan High. One of her talents is texting. She seems to have the same personality and brains as her mother. Her main rival is another girl named Madison. She is obsessed with the latest trends in fashion, and would always try to be trendy no matter what.


  • She is the only main character to not have a younger version of herself seen onscreen, though her voice was heard.
  • Ivy is shown to be able to change outfits in under a second.
  • Ivy doesn't have a lot of friends, an entourage but not a lot of friends. Mostly the only friends she has Derby, Adam, Echo, Slab and Dang.
  • She is the first main character to have kissed someone on screen, having kissed both Arthur and Hutch in Mr. Roboto.
  • Ivy is similar to London Tipton in the Suite Life series and Lexi Reed in ANT Farm.
  • Ivy beat the video game Lord of the Lance.
  • She had clown make up twice in the entire series.
  • In 'Mr. Switch', her personality was switched and Dang became Ivy and Ivy became Slab.
  • Ivy knows that Derby has a crush on her in the episode 'Mr. Switch'.
  • She is a heerleader at Finnegan High as shown in 'Mr. Talent'.
  • She is talented in texting.
  • She seems to understand what Mrs. Straupersson is "saying".
  • She is highly vain, often having pictures of herself in her locker and closet.
  • Her Pixel City version of herself has a dislike for documentaries, and believes that the 1999 sci-fi action film The Matrix is a documentary. (Mr. Pixel)
  • She never gives anything without expecting something in return. (Mr. Apartment)
  • She freezes when taking exams. (Mr. Tutor)
  • She shows she can be more like Adam (knowledge wise) in "Mr. Tutor" although even then she's still lacking in common  sense.
  • She was convicted of attempted to murder Mrs. Strawpersson, even though she was innocent.
  • Despite disliking reading, she is a huge Sherlock Homles Fan (Mr. TV).
  • Has O- blood. (Mr. Alligator)
  • in Mr Alligator, her future job seems to be a plumber, except she seems to think it means to pick plums.
  • In the series finale, we found out she repeated her senior year three times. So that makes her 19 or 20 years old right now. She officially graduated high school with Derby, Echo and Slab.
  • Principal Tater might be her father in Mr. Kidd but it was never confirmed. But she did inherited some of his traits where she loses some of her hair. She also inherited his air-head qualities and his cold hearted and self-centered attitude from his.
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