Hutch is Ivy's crush in the series.

Hutch has many girlfriends but he breaks up with them and gives them break up basket, in one episode he says he does football in another he reveals he is a life guard. In the school performance he was Romeo with Echo as Juliet Adam and Ivy do not want their crushes to be kissing each other so the put itching powder in Hutches costume. Multiple times he is Ivy's boyfriend but she breaks up with him first when he won the Principle Tater lookalike contest but Ivy was disgusted and her mother asks Hutch to taks out the trash, second when she thought he was like the other boys and third when he was talking to another girl who is really Adam dressed up as a girl, he says he will get over Ivy because their are more girls out there some of them have girly arms( implying that Adam dressed as a girl has girly arms). He only appeared once in episode season 3. Mostly Ivy is done with her crush Hutch and pursue other guys. It is unknown what happened to him after that as he was not seen or mentioned .