Fotran is a nerd that Slab picks on he hangs out at Nerd Alley with all the other nerds. He has so many allergies that Slab had to empty his medicines and inhalers in a plastic bag before shoving him in a locker with other nerds. He only appears in a few episodes. In Mr.Ticklesmootz he pretends to be part of a cruise Mrs. Bryne is attending and plays the Violin ( Mrs. Byrne had a bad memory and lost her glasses so she thought she was at a cruise when she was really at the school), Mrs Bryne did not believe Derby that a giant cloned hamster on growth hormones hate all the students homework and Fotran continues to play the violin before the episode ends, it is unknown what happened to him after that although he appears in an episode where Adam travels back in time witnessing the fight between Adam and Slab.

“You might want to stretch out that canvas.”
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