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Finnegan High School is the setting of most of the episodes of the YTV television series "Mr. Young".[1] Casey Finnegan founded the school in 1895. It has a silver plaque with a motto in latin and a belt symbols to represent perseverance. The motto is "Inglorious Mediocris Infirma" or "Shameful Barely Adequate Weak and Feeble".


Confirmed Students

  • Jared
  • Hutch Anderson
  • Fortran
  • Bethany
  • Kyle
  • Leon
  • Farty Farnsworth
  • Melvin the Magnificent
  • Ollie the Overdresser
  • Mary
  • Chris
  • Maxvill
  • Rupinder
  • Alan Small
  • Molly
  • Madison
  • Brian
  • Kaylyn
  • Glenn
  • Jessie Thomas
  • Arthur
  • Sound Effects Guy
  • Patsy Pickles
  • Kirby
  • Gecko
  • Jab
  • Crab

Former Students


Current Staff

  • Principal Tater (Principal)
  • Mrs. Byrne (History Teacher / Drivers Ed Teacher/Principal in Alternate retconned timeline)
  • Mrs. Straupersson (Geography Teacher)
  • Mr. MT Chair
  • Mr. Marionette (French Teacher)
  • Mr. Morris (Art Teacher)
  • Mr. French (English Teacher)
  • Mr. Buckley (Math Teacher)
  • Mrs. Galy (Gym Teacher)
  • Mr. Tickleschmootz (Geography Teacher)
  • Mrs. Ceracene (Drama Teacher)
  • Mrs. Lowenthal
  • Mrs. Morris (Art Teacher)
  • Mr. Hudson (Gym Teacher)
  • Delores (Lunch Lady)
  • Pete (Janitor)

Previous Staff

  • Adam Young (Science Teacher / Resigned)
  • Dang (Janitor / Graduated)
  • Mr. Pickles (Shop Teacher / Quit)
  • Mr. Lewis (Poetry Teacher / Quit)
  • Mr. Kidd (Science Teacher / Fired)
  • Mr. Manks (Shop Teacher / Deceased)
  • Mr. Fernando (Art Teacher / Deceased)
  • Mrs. Gesnerr (Abducted by Derby, thought to be Retired)
  • Unnamed Science Teacher (Fired)


  • Science Class
    • Advanced Science Class
  • English Class
    • Advanced Poetry
  • Math Class
    • Geometry Class
  • History Class
  • Geography Class
  • Art Class
  • French Class
  • Shop Class
  • Gym Class
  • CPR Class
  • Mock United Nations Class
  • Square Dancing Class
  • Beekeeping Class
  • Drama Class
  • Typing Class
  • ESL Class
  • Blacksmithing Class
  • Drivers Ed
  • Equestrian Studies


  • Debate Club
  • Eco Club
  • Drama Club
  • Science Club
  • Chess Club
  • Poetry Club
  • A/V Club
  • Photography Club
  • Secret Club
  • Silver Items Appreciation Club
  • Homes Club
  • Holmes Club
  • Engineering Squad


In Mr. DNA, Finnegan's mascot, the Finnegan Fryer, was revealed.

School song

In Mr. School Song, Finnegan has its own anthem, yet it was revealed to have been outdated. So when Adam decides to have the students write a new song, he compiles a line from all the songs within the episode to form Finnegan's new anthem. The lyrics of the current song are:

There is a perfect school I know, I like to go there in my dreams,

I've been going to Finnegan, The best high school there's ever been,

There is a perfect school I know, It is a quiet peaceful place,

It doesn't matter to me, I'm gonna punch your face,

And the duty in the land, Where the Leaf Monkey lives in bliss,

Cause all through history, Finnegan's always had this,

Finnegan, Oh Finnegan, Our school bell rigs for thee,

Finnegan, Oh Finnegan, Just as it should be,

Finnegan, Oh Finnegan, Just as it should be,

The school's problems

Finnegan High only has 1 room and only has 6 students (Derby, Slab, Echo, Ivy, Hutch and Fortran) and only has 2 teachers (Mrs Byrne and Adam). The principal hits people with sticks and hires bad jazz bands to play at school dances and he hates the students.

The students have to sleep in the classroom and Dang creates a monster to scare the students every night. Slab burps too much and the classroom smells bad and Derby keeps complaining about the smell. There are no showers so everyone smells disgusting and everyone eats mouldy food from local trash cans. They believe that Tater is a god even though he is a normal person. The place is hardly cleaned and because of the monster, there is blood everywhere. The place is wrapped in vines.


  • Finnegan was designed based of Lord Byng High School in Vancouver, Canada. The school is used for some scenes in the series.
  • Principal Tater occasionally spends large sums of the school's money on useless items.
    • Most of these items are usually to boost his vanity, such as using money for school maintenance to purchase a statue of himself.
    • According to himself, these actions are considered to be school scandalous things, making Tater worried he would be replaced with a competent principal.
  • The school has been referred to as the worst school several times in the series.
  • The school is a 2-storey building (3 if you count the basement).
  • The east entrance (The Quad) is the most commonly seen exterior area of the school, with the back entrance only appearing in Mr. Space.
  • There have been reports of treasure found in the quad, as confirmed by Derby in Mr. Masterpiece.
    • Additionally, the gang buried valuable paintings (and Tater inadvertently) in the quad in the same episode.
  • The school is one of the few places to get redesigned, as well as one of the few places to appear in all 3 seasons of the series, as it is the primary setting.
  • The school has a very liberal admissions policy, as robots, adults and even animals can attend.
    • Underage students with the right intellect, such as Joseph, can attend as well.
  • According to Tater, there's no maximum or minimum age to be an educator here.
  • Tater hosts a weekly staff meeting every 5 years at Finnegan.
  • The hallways have food and drink vending machines, as well as a water fountain only used in Mr. Impossible.
  • The school has a picture day, which according to Ivy, is important as it gives you an identity in Finnegan.
  • According to Tater in Mr. Matchmaker, the school buys in bulk to 'save money'.
    • In the same episode, Tater claims the air in Finnegan is borderline toxic.
  • The school has a weak security system, as Derby was able to break in several times to set up his pranks.
  • The school has a murder of pet crows, with one of them nearly killing Mrs. Straupersson.
  • The school has had several spider problems, with one of them being in the school's archives.
  • Dang once had a favourite window he named 'Susan', which was accidentally shattered by Adam.
  • Prior to Mr. Student, Finnegan High has never won any legitimate trophies, with the student's sculpting them based of Principal Tater dressed as various sports professions.
    • This was changed at the end of the episode, as Echo had won Finnegan's first trophy in wrestling.
  • Finnegan has a Student Council, yet it is unknown who is the current president, or if there even is a president.
    • Ivy seems to work for the student Council, though mainly she doesn't take her responsibilities seriously.
    • Derby was given the opportunity to become the Student Council President, but instead went for school superintendent.
  • Aside from having an increased storage capacity (Slab being able to insert multiple nerds into one of them, Derby storing several stolen items in there), the lockers have actually been used as multiple objects, such as an elevator, a toilet and a prison.
  • There is a Secret Club held in the Science Lab occasionally, though it is unknown what the activities are.
    • Additionally, the school has a P.A. System, which was only used in Mr. Club.
  • Some events that have occurred at Finnegan include a Ballet recital, a performance by Dark Demon and a student-teacher auction.
  • Tater doesn't do teacher evaluations because if he did, then there wouldn't be any teachers at Finnegan, indicating that the teachers there are incompetent.
  • The school once had a newspaper run by Mrs. Byrne, only to have been changed into a web series known as Finnegan High News, with Echo, Ivy and Mrs. Byrne as anchorwomen.
  • The cheerleaders were once banned because Tater falsely believed he lost his hair because one of them (Rachel Young) played a prank on him in 1985.
  • The hallways are spacious enough to allow a car to efficiently drive through.
  • There is a secret room of confiscated stuff, containing traps similar to the traps found in Indiana Jones.
  • FInnegan has been destroyed several times, yet it always gets repaired almost instantly.
  • Tater occasionally abuses his own authority at Finnegan, confiscating random items, putting people in detention for petty acts, and spending the school's funds on useless items.
    • Despite the constant mischief Slab, Derby and Ivy do, Tater never expels them. The only time he expelled a student was in Mr. Witness, yet Slab was able to convert it into a one-day suspension.
    • The same thing occurs with teachers, as Tater always wished to fire Adam but instead allows him to stay, whereas Mr. Kidd was the only teacher permanently fired onscreen.
  • The school regularly purchases products from Cyclops Foods.
  • In Mr. Budget, the school temporarily became Cyclops Foods High, with Mr. Cyclops eliminating the curriculum to turn the school into a product testing facility.
    • In the aforementioned episode, the students were forced to wear uniforms as well.
  • The school's rival is Western High School.
  • The school has berries growing on its walls, as well as plastic plants from China in its garden.
    • The school somehow has a form of sentience, as Slab was able to scare it into dropping its berries.
  • Strangely enough, Slab somehow acts as the balancer in the school for 12 years, as he bullies the nerds long enough to prevent Finnegan from becoming an academic gym.
    • Slab apparently claims that this is his job, as he isn't in school to learn.
    • With Slab's graduation in Mr. Finale, it is unknown how Finnegan will turn out, though its possible that a new student, Crab, would take up his role.
  • The school is a morning school that concludes its sessions at 3.00 p.m., though Slab regularly comes out late as he is regularly in detention.
    • Sometimes, the teacher on duty even asks him to lock up the school, should he leave at night.
    • The school even has detention during Spring Break, though no one supervises them.
  • Derby once turned Finnegan into a cruise ship in order to fool Mrs. Byrne.
    • Additionally, the event revealed that Mrs. Byrne is the only consistent teacher in school, as she has never missed a day of school for approximately centuries.
  • On weekends, Dang and Mrs. Byrne are the only people at Finnegan, with the later not having to clean up, handing that role over to a Racoon.
  • There has never been a single day in which no students are in Detention (Primarily Slab and Derby).
  • In an alternate timeline, Mrs. Byrne became the principal of Finnegan High, with the curriculum and mascot all themed after the War of 1812.
  • The only episode to not feature Finnegan High at all is Mr. Spring Break Part 2.
    • However, if both parts of Mr. Spring Break are treated as one whole episode, then Finnegan High appears in every episode in the series.


Finnegan High Motto Behind the Scenes