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Finnegan High School is the setting of most of the episodes of the YTV television series "Mr. Young".[1] Casey Finnegan founded the school in 1895. It has a silver plaque with a motto in latin and a belt symbols to represent perseverance. The motto is "Inglorious Mediocris Infirma" or "Shameful Barely Adequate Weak and Feeble".


Current Students

Former Students


Current Staff

Previous Staff

School song

There is a terrible school I know

All the stereotypes

We hit people who misbehave

Give cold custard to the good people

At school dances

We play jazz music

With a very bad band

We make terrible noises

Everyone runs away

Everyone ditches school

No good people here

Attendance is low

Everyone gets Fs because I hate the students

The school's problems

Finnegan High only has 1 room and only has 6 students (Derby, Slab, Echo, Ivy, Hutch and Fortran) and only has 2 teachers (Mrs Byrne and Adam). The principal hits people with sticks and hires bad jazz bands to play at school dances and he hates the students.

The students have to sleep in the classroom and Dang creates a monster to scare the students every night. Slab burps too much and the classroom smells bad and Derby keeps complaining about the smell. There are no showers so everyone smells disgusting and everyone eats mouldy food from local trash cans. They believe that Tater is a god even though he is a normal person. The place is hardly cleaned and because of the monster, there is blood everywhere. The place is wrapped in vines.


Finnegan High Motto Behind the Scenes

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