Echo Zizzleswift
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Full Name

Echo Zizzleswift





Eye Color


Hair Color



Adam Young (Boyfriend/In Love With)


Finnegan High School

First Episode

Mr. Young

Last Episode

Mr. Finale

Portrayed By

Matreya Fedor

Echo Zizzleswift is the secondary protagonist of the series and Adam's love interest and student at Finnegan High.


Echo Zizzleswift is a girl in Adam's grade 9 science class. It is shown in Mr. Double Date that she does like Adam back, as she is trying to make him jealous, and was going to set him up with her.  She is very good friends with Adam, Ivy, Derby and sometimes Slab.

Echo typically dresses in bright girly colors such as pink, purple, blue, and other colors. Her typical clothing is a shirt usually topped with some form of overwear and is seen with jeans, dresses, and skirts.


She is thoughtful, socially aware, considered pretty by Adam and sometimes Derby, and secretly likes all things to do with sci-fi, she also enjoys fantasy roleplay. She is intelligent, can be sassy and is sometimes described by Principal Tater as a show-off. She uses her quick-thinking to trick Ivy into doing real work by making some excuse related to a mall or shopping. She is also a bit gullible.

She is also an enviromentalist, feminist and loves animals. She's also friendly, kind hearted, hardworking, and responsible. But also a little devious, and occasionly does things which are at least morally questionable.



Adam has a crush on Echo, but she is oblivious to this, but she seems to have a crush on him in some episodes. She is also enemies with Adam in some episodes, but they always seem to make up. In 'Mr. First Impression', she and Adam finally share their first kiss together and become a couple until Preston Pickles erased her memory during 'Mr. Memory'. After Mr. Kidd brings back the memory, she does not remember Adam until Adam kisses Echo again, bringing her memory back and the relationship back.


  • She has a pet hamster named Tickleschmootz, untill Adam cloned it, after thinking he had killed it, so now she has two identical hamsters.
  • She sounds like and is similar to Sonny Munroe in Sonny with a chance and Emma Stone
  • In Mr. Pixel, when Adam finds pixel Echo, after he saves them from being deleted by Derby, pixel Echo reveals she loves Adam and leans for a kiss; unfortunately for Adam, Mrs. Byrne destroys the computer.
  • One of the only characters who is almost never shown cross-dressing.
  • Takes the same route home as Adam Young.
  • She knows CPR.
  • She is a cheerleader.
  • She likes ballet.
  • She is a bad singer, but doesn't realise it.
  • Echo was a `big sister` in Mr. Big Brother
  • She played Juliet in the school performance of Romeo and Juliet.
  • Echo likes Horror movies.
  • She first considers liking Adam in the episode Mr. Moth.
  • She helped Santa deliver presents.
  • She has visited Sanduraus.
  • She has stayed awake a whole 24 hours before.
  • She set Mr. Tater, and Rachel Young up (with the help of Adam)
  • She was on the school quiz team.
  • She loves rock star, Dark Demon.
  • Echo went to college for one day.
  • She switched personalities with Adam for one episode.
  • She got nurse on her apptitude test.
  • Her favourite holiday is Valentine`s Day.
  • Echo went on a Double Date with Derby, Adam, and Hayley Strawperson, Mrs. Strawperson`s daughter.
  • She has recieved a love letter.
  • Was in love with another kid teacher at the school, Mr. Kidd.
  • She does not like it when someone is spying on her.