Mr. DNA02
Full Name




Date of Birth


Resides in



Janitor at Dung Museum (Formerly; In Vietnam)
Janitor at Finnegan High School (Currently)

Eye Color


Hair Color



Ding (Twin Brother)
Unnamed Parents


Finnegan High School

First Episode

Mr. Young

Last Episode

Mr. Finale

Portrayed By

Raugi Yu

Dang is a janitor that works for Finnegan High. He is very skilled at martial arts, popping out of nowhere when the characters mention his name. Occasionally he wears a giant purple cowboy hat with feathers, which he calls his "Fancy Hat". He lives in Finnegan High and almost never wants to leave because leaf monkeys don't live there, who steal his fancy hat. A running gag is when ever someone says his name he apears out of nowhere (even in a virtual world), even though they didn't mean it.


Dang has a brother named Ding that he dislikes because Ding married a duck named Shirley. Dang forgave his brother (not in person, Echo was disguised as Ding unintentionally) because he saw Slab's mother saying "There are worse things to marry than duck!" mentioned in the episode "Mr. DNA".

Science behind his abilities

It is revealed in Mr. Time that Dang's ability to pop out of nowhere is thanks to his ability to slow down time, at the exact same speed as the machine that Adam created in the same episode. He is seen to walk around at normal speed, weaving between Echo and Mr. Tater, who are stuck in a slower time. To Adam and Derby, he is seen normally, as they are in a room which has extremely accelerated time, however to anyone else he can not be seen as he moves so fast. 


Principal Tater - Dang and Tater have respect for one another. They appear to be friends outside of school, as Tater allowed Dang to come with him to Sanduras in "Mr. Spring Break". He is also annoyed with Principal Tater as shown in Mr. Invisible.


  • Apparently, he dreams of mopping stages for Lady Gaga's concerts. (Mr. Impossible).
  • No matter where you are, even if you say a word that rhymes with Dang, he will appear.
  • His first word is "You called?", his signature catchphrase. (Mr. Court).
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