• Greenfeather

    Hi! I am an editor at this wiki, and I've been helping around lately... yeah, this is awkward. So anyways, what I've noticed is so far we have a few people working on this wiki, and it's starting to shape up, but we haven't even said anything to each other yet! So, I decided to just come here and introduce myself (if you guys read it, please do). I'm Greenfeather, and I am helping edit this wiki. I think Harry Potter, iCarly and of course, Mr. Young is awesome, but I also like other books and TV shows too. Er... I realy don't have all that much to say.

    Okay, got it! First off, who is the creator of this wiki? Because you're awesome and I wanna work with you to make this place awesome. Second, all you editors out there? Could you please comm…

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