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Adam Young
Full Name

Adam Young


Mr. Young (By Everyone)
Mr. Genius (By Derby)
Chuck (By Mrs. Byrne)
Jazz (By Derby)
Powerful Wizard (By Slab)
Mr. Smarty-See-Through-Pants (By Echo)
Mr. Marvelous



Date of Birth

March 1997
14-15 (season 1)
15-16 (season 2)
16-18 (season 3)


High School Science Teacher (Formerly)
University Science Professor

Eye Color


Hair Color



Rachel Young (Mother)
Ivy Young (Sister)
George Tater (Possible Father)
Mommy (Possible Grandmother)
Tater's Sister (Possible Aunt)
Mr. Tater (Possible Cousin)
ARTHUR (Creation, technical son)
BARBIE (Technical Daughter-in-law)
Lucy (Adopted granddaughter)
BRADLEY (Grandcreation, technical grandson)


Echo Zizzleswift (Girlfriend/In Love With)
Hailey Strawperson (Blind Date; formerly)
Sydney Finklebaum (Former Crush)


Finnegan High School


Finnegan High School

First Episode

Mr. Young

Last Episode

Mr. Finale

Portrayed By

Brendan Meyer
Spencer Drever (Young Adam in Mr. Freshman)

"Hey, hey, hey. He's a genius all right. Like Albert Frankenstein!"
Derby talking about Adam

Adam Young is the titular main protagonist of Mr. Young.

He is portrayed by Brendan Meyer, while Spencer Drever portrays his younger self.


He is a genius that graduated from high school and university at the age of 14. He decided to come back to high school to live the high school experience and rejected the offer to work at NASA only to become the science teacher at Finnegan High School, he has a massive interest in Echo. He is a teenager at the age of 15.

Despite being often described as weak, and lacking in muscles, or physical abilities, Adam has been shown to be very durable, able to recover quickly from quite excessive injuries, such as repeated or excessive blunt trauma (Mr. Alligator, Mr. Slumber Party etc.) or being hit be lightning (Mr. First Impression).

Adams typical style of clothing is generally a dress shirt either tucked in when formal or untucked when going casual and the sleeves rolled up and pairs them with sweaters, waist coats, blazers, or sleeveless cardigans and jeans. Adam typically wears sneakers. He also has long hair which often covers his forehead.


Adam Young is a somewhat awkward, but good natured person, portrayed by Brendan Meyer. He is sometimes selfish when he wants something. People often don't listen to him, as he starts rattling off complicated things when answering the simplest of questions. He tries to take his learning seriously, but his students often antagonise him and don't take him seriously (Derby does this all the time), as he is only the same age as them. Adam is shown to be a very sophisticated person. He will often do anything just to get Echo to like him, and will be willing to do anything she wants to do. He sometimes puts things in the logic version, which can be odd at times. He also sometimes overreacts to events.

Adam is also something of a polymath, as he is apparently capable in every field of science, never showing any particular focus in one, and easily switching to the one which is most relevant to the present situation or lesson (although he does appear best at physics). He is a master of Physics, Chemistry, Biology and Psychology, as well as being highly knowledgable in many other areas. He is also a capable engineer and builder, able to make incredible, and sometimes revolutionary technology, such as an Invisibility suit or android (but not a time machine), however his inventions don't always work in the way intended, or they work to well. Despite this Adam is normally the smartest person around, he's proven on many occasions to be more knowledgable on the workings of things than professionals, such as NASA scientist and even the people who made things, the only character up to date who seems to be more intelligent than he is is his old college professor and friend Professor Fenway (as he was able to build a time machine while Adam couldn't). He is multilingual being able to speak three languages. He is shown always to be very weak, and sometimes not able to make good plans.



Article: Adam and Derby

Adam was best friends with Derby when they were younger, but he went off to college, therefore they went their separate ways. Now, they are best friends again when they were re-united at Finnegan High, while Adam decided he wanted to be a teacher. Derby immediately recognized Adam on his first day of Finnegan High. Derby often doesn't really pay attention to Adam though, and falls asleep in class when Adam is teaching. Derby sometimes tries to get Adam to leave the school, and sometimes assists Slab while doing it. But, they are still best friends. There are also some moments when Derby and Adam do not have a good relationship, often by not paying attention in his class and sleeping. Derby also uses Adam as a napkin, and usually destroys something Adam owns when he is mad.


Article: Adam and Echo

Adam is shown to have a very obvious crush on Echo; however, she is completely unaware of it. Adam is often willing to do anything to impress Echo, such as in Mr. Ballerina, where he was embarrassed to reveal he took ballet, but as soon as Echo said she'd love any man who did ballet, he ripped off his coat and shouted, "I DO BALLET!" Adam has given many little hints that he likes her, in the first episode revealing that he loves her, but then covering up. He has also been known to have numerously gone through Echo's file and imagine her in the shower. Whenever Echo has a date with someone other than Adam, he always attempts to sabotage the date, and ruining their friendship. Also, when Echo and Adam are about to kiss, it is always interrupted, all the time unintentionally. But in Mr. First Impression, they finally had their first kiss and became a couple, until Preston Pickles used Adam's mind erasing device on Echo.  However, in Mr. Kidd, Adam accidentally kisses Echo and she suddenly remembers everything, same goes for everybody else. Later on, they are seen with arms around each other while they watched Principal Tater fire Mr. Kidd and Adam's mom dragging the fired student-teacher out of the classroom for chores.


Ivy is Adam's very dim-witted older sister, but Ivy is really embarrassed about it. Ivy often doesn't listen to Adam, and he doesn't listen to her either. They have been known to pull pranks on each other. Ivy never reveals Adam to be her brother to anyone, when she drives him to school; she makes him get off several blocks away from school. She also occasionally has him put a bag over his head when he talks to her. Ivy finds Adam a very weird person, as Adam knows already. Ivy is quite girly (like most 16 year old girls) and loves clothes and looking her best.


Adam is often shown to be afraid of Slab, as he may be a teacher, but he is still 14, which makes him vulnerable. Adam often tries to help Slab, but sometimes tries to humiliate him. Slab and Adam have sort of a tortoise and the hare relationship. Slab seems to bully Adam through the episodes but they seem to be close friends, such as in Mr. Spring Break.

Principal Tater

Adam often gets along well with Principal Tater, but along with everyone else, continuously calls him bald. On the first day, Adam didn't really make a good impression on Tater. Principal Tater doesn't give Adam all the privileges of being a teacher, as he doesn't think he is going to last long. Principal Tater, thinks that he is immature and not fit to be a science teacher, when it is evident he is the more immature one. It should also be noted that Tater is possibly his father.

Alternate Adams

In Mr. First Impression, following Adam messing around with Time. He creates an alternative Adam Young, by giving himself a good first impression with Echo, leading to them starting to date early on. However he proceeds to create many other alternative versions, as he keeps changing history, to try and stop them breaking up. This is all undone after he goes back and prevents the original him messing with the timelines in the first place.


Adam appears in all 80 episodes of Mr. Young.


  • Adam graduated from High school at the age of nine and graduated from University at 14 years old.
  • Adam keeps pictures of Echo in his locker.
  • Adam is allergic to dust and many other things.
  • Adam knows morse code.
  • It is shown in one episode that Adam has an iPhone.
  • Derby wonders how Adam can stand his long hair, as it irritates Derby because it covers his face.
  • Adam is scared of one of his students, Slab.
  • He receives an invisible wedgie by Slab.
  • He speaks Swahili and French.
  • Adam is best friends with Derby, even though Derby is countlessly putting him down.
  • His boss is Mr. Tater, the annoying principal of Finnegan High.
    • Their relationship is similar to the relationship between Miss Courtney and Jeremy Brown from them show Mind Your Language, where both Adam and Jeremy are ridiculed by their administrators but occasionally come to neutral terms while also caring for each other in a symbiotic way.
  • He has a huge crush on Echo, a perky and bubbly student at Finnegan High.
  • He shares the same name as Owl City's lead singer.
  • He took his first steps when he was four.
  • Apparently, his teaching is quite boring, as Derby usually sleeps during his lessons unless someone else is teaching.
    • In fact, when Derby inadvertently taught a class one time, Derby claimed "It's not the science that's boring. It's you!".
    • Adam even sleeps when Tater taught him science, an unusual action regarding his love for science.
  • He sleeps with a blanket and bathes with a rubber duckie. Both of these items are related to the fact that he believes they protect him from monsters.
  • A recurring gag in the show is many characters making fun of his lack of muscles (although a minor recurring gag, he's implied to be stronger than he looks such as in Mr. Invisible and Mr. Alligator).
  • He likes Banana Cream pie and Chocolate Cream pie.
  • He created ARTHUR, who subsequently created his own children, making Adam a technical Grandfather to them.
  • He sometimes does radio lectures due to his history as a child genius.
  • He hoards Mr. Marvelous comic books in his room.
  • A recurring gag in the show is that when someone smart is needed, no one thinks of him first, as well as other characters are seen smarter than him.
  • He can sing reasonably well.
  • His relationship with Professor Fenway in Mr. First Impression is very similar to the relationship between Marty McFly and Dr. Emmet Brown from the Back to the Future franchise. Furthermore, his actor -Brendan Meyer- is a fan of the films.
  • No one ever asks him if they can use anything he owns, but when Derby did this, he smashed Adam's phone like it was a broken and old one. Other examples of this include the time when everyone kept spending his money in Mr. Switch, or Slab giving Adam's lunch to the weevils in Mr. Love Letter, saying it was his lunch.
  • He only attended Finnegan High as a student once in order to be on the quiz team. As a student, his personality becomes similar to Derby's.
  • He owns Rainbow Bunny underpants he acquired as hand-me-downs from Ivy.
  • He fears Gorilla Suits.
  • He inadvertently revealed to the world that Dark Demon and Derby lip synced during their most popular songs.
  • He subscribes to Lame Jokes for Science Teachers.
  • Used to wear contact lenses, till a laser accident restored his vision in Mr. Younger Man.
  • Mr. Tater is hinted to be Adam and Ivy's father (Proven by the video evidence of Mrs. Young and Mr. Tater dating in the "Mr. Kidd" arc in the series, followed by Adam and Ivy balding throughout the episode)
  • He is similar to Doogie Howser M.D. from ABC 1989-1993 series. They are both prodigies who graduated high school and college at a young age. Unlike in Doogie Howser, Adam is treated like an outsider and like dirt.
    • Adam also has a personality similar to Sheldon Cooper from The Big Bang Theory, in which the two are extremely intelligent since they were young and often add random scientific phrases in simple sentences, annoying some of their friends.
  • He is the only character to have his stunt double credited.
  • He is the first and last person to appear and speak in the entire series.